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windows apps

How to convert a web page to Windows 10 App

Windows 10 has different options to improve the user experience. Indeed, it may be that we visit a website constantly. This may be for...

The best 2020 apps for Windows 10

Hello! 2020 is almost over. For better or worse, it has left us with a lot. For example, teleworking has been boosted. Also, by...

How to change the default applications in Windows 10

Hello! It is well known that Windows 10 is the popular operating system created by Microsoft. In fact, it is their flagship product. Consequently,...

How to Install MinGW on Windows 10

Hello! We usually work with many applications in Windows 10. However, some applications are more delicate than others. For example, native applications. Indeed, these...

Instagram launches web app for Windows 10

Instagram takes a risk and launches a progressive web app for windows 10. The platform modifies its native application. It announced this a few...

Top apps to download after installing Windows 10

Hi. How are you? Suppose you are using a new computer with Windows 10. Or if you decide to do a clean installation of...

Windows 10 Bug – UWP Apps have Full Access to File System

Windows 10 introduced the brand new way of enjoying apps by introducing the UWP apps – Universal Windows Platform apps. These apps would run...
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