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Instagram launches web app for Windows 10

Instagram takes a risk and launches a progressive web app for windows 10. The platform modifies its native application. It announced this a few months ago. This way, the company included the sending of direct messages in the updates. Previously the feature was only available on smartphones.

Similarly, the loading screen is the same as for mobile devices. The users generated expectations because of the instability of the PWA. The latter is lighter and faster but less powerful. This is why the user experience is better. Likewise, they do not require an operating system. They only take place on a web page in a browser. They also offer the same options as native ones. However, native applications tend to have greater fluidity and performance.

Equally important, the web application received more features than the native. It is believed that the adoption of the use of these applications comes from Twitter. Comparatively, this alternative proved to be functional for social networks.

What does Instagram for Windows 10 do?

  • Publish photos and videos, edit them with filters, and use the creative tools. Combine multiple clips into one video
  • Share all the videos and photos you want in your story. You can also add text and use drawing tools
  • See the stories of the people you follow. On the bar at the top of the news section.
  • Discover photos and videos. Follow new accounts on the Explore tab.
  • Send private messages, photos, videos, and posts directly to your friends with Instagram Direct
  • Instant photo and video sharing on Facebook and other social networks

Finally, Instagram’s native Instagram application for Windows 10 proved to be poor. Because of this, the company chose to change. This improved version is available at the Microsoft store. So users can download it to their computers. Now we can continue to enjoy this great social network optimally. I hope you liked this post. You can also visit our post about a shutdown button in Windows 10.

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