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Top apps to download after installing Windows 10

Hi. How are you? Suppose you are using a new computer with Windows 10. Or if you decide to do a clean installation of the operating system. Then the system will come with a minimum of pre-installed applications. This will guarantee you a minimum of functionality, but for most users, it is not enough. With this in mind, I will show you the best apps to download after installing windows 10.

A web browser.

Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Edge and also with Internet Explorer. But let’s face it, despite the efforts of Redmond’s company, neither of the two have managed to penetrate users’ preferences. There are many options on the market, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave. However, lately, I’ve been using Microsoft Edge’s beta channel. This proposal is very interesting, as it is based on free software, specifically Chromium. They are the people behind the Chrome project. Although not yet ready for daily use, it is a good option to keep in mind. A good web browser is the first program to download, as it will allow us to access the other desired content.

An antivirus program

When using the computer and surfing the Internet it is always advisable to download and use a good antivirus. While it is true that Windows 10 comes with Defender pre-installed, it is always advisable to complement the protection with another program. There are several options, free and paid, such as Avira, Avast, Panda, Kaspersky, and Norton. The choice is in your hands, but I use the free version of Kaspersky and it offers me an optimal level of protection.

An office suite

In today’s globalized world, having an office suite is essential for our daily work. Microsoft has the most popular option, we are talking about Office. In addition, it is the most complete as it includes a word processor, spreadsheets, presentations and more. However, this option is paid and there are good alternatives in the market and free as LibreOffice. Please note that there are also online and free options, which may solve an eventuality but not for everyday use. Google document is a good option

Data decompressor

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As you use the computer, you will probably get some .rar or .zip file. Some of these formats are decompressed natively by Windows 10, but others are not. There are payment options such as WinRar and WinZIP, however, there are free and open-source versions and very powerful, such as 7zip.

Graphics Editor

In the past, graphic editing tools were only available to professionals. However, with the advent of mobile phones, more and more users want to edit their photos. There are professional payment tools, such as Adobe Photoshop. However, there are free but equally powerful options like Gimp.

PDF Reader

Currently, it is a necessity to have PDF reader software. Some office suites such as Office incorporate a reader, but I must say that the results are not optimal. That is why it is recommended to download an efficient reader, such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. It is important to note that most web browsers incorporate a PDF reader.

Torrent Manager

If you are one of the users who like to download a lot of information using the benefits of torrent files. Then it is paramount that you download a good torrent manager, in particular, I use qBittorrent. It is free, open-source and fulfills its functions perfectly.

Video Player

Certainly, Windows has its native application for video playback. But it’s not the most friendly if you want a powerful player that plays all your series and movies. I recommend VLC, it’s free and has hundreds of improvements and interesting features.


We have seen some apss to download after installing Windows 10. Obviously, it is not a definitive list but it does allow you to leave your operating system ready for action. I hope you enjoyed this post before I go I want to invite you to review our article on Overwrite in Windows 10.

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