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How to create invisible folders in Windows 10

Hello! Privacy is a fundamental aspect in any area of life. This fact becomes more relevant at the computer level. Since more and more...

eDEX-UI: A cross-platform terminal with a cool graphic interface.

No doubt there are many terminal emulators on the market. However, you can hardly get one as original as eDEX-UI. In fact, everything in...

Is ReactOS a real alternative to Windows?

Oh! The eternal struggle of computer operating systems. Windows vs. GNU/Linux and Mac as a distant spectator However, there are also interesting and almost...

Exploring Google Keyboard and it’s Features

Greetings, all of us have been using Google Keyboard, since a long time, and yet, most of us are still not aware of it's...

Installing a Linux distro (Q4OS 3.8 Centaurus) from Windows 10

Hello, nice to meet you again. This time we will talk to you about a software that some time ago, it was considered incompatible...

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