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Exploring Google Keyboard and it’s Features

Greetings, all of us have been using Google Keyboard, since a long time, and yet, most of us are still not aware of it’s full capabilities.

In this blog post, we would delve into the Google Keyboard, and uncover all of it’s main features, so you can use it upto it’s full potentiality. No one pays much attention to the keyboard, even when it is one of the most vital components of a mobile. Many people don’t even know how to access the keyboard’s settings. So, in this article, let us find out everything there is to know about them keyboards.

How to access Gboard settings

There are two ways to do it, the shorter one is, click on any text box, where Gboard will appear.


After you click on the settings, the Gboard settings page will open.

gboard settings
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But, since, not all keyboards have the setting option embedded in them, you can open it from your mobile settings as well by the following steps :

  1. Open mobile settings>System.
mobile settings

2. Open language & input

system settings

3. In Language & Input menu, you can explore more options like Spellchecker and Autofill options by clicking on “Advanced”. To advance to Gboard settings, open Virtual keyboard.

languages & input menu

4. Select Gboard in the Virtual Keyboard menu.

The settings page, as shown above, looks like this

gboard settings

First up, the languages section gives you an option to choose a keyboard of your choice of language, starting from Abkhaz to Zulu, it provides a ton of languages to choose from.

In preferences you can change the physical features of the keyboard, as well as control the vibration caused on typing, and enable 1 hand keyboard.

Under themes, as you can guess, you can change the background of your keyboard for free. There is a myriad of themes and colours to choose from.

Text correction is a very important, as it helps you determine the dynamic of your writing. You can customize the suggestions and corrections your recieve.

Glide typing and Voice typing enable you to customize both these features according to your needs.

That’s it for today, you can check out how to uninstall pre-installed apps from your phone to make best of your storage space.


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