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How to install Django on Ubuntu 20.04?

Developing web applications is usually related to PHP frameworks. However, Python, which is a very versatile programming language, also has a framework...

How to install the Development and build tools on Ubuntu 20.04?

In this very short post, you will learn how to install a series of development and build tools on Ubuntu 20.04. These...

How to set a drive as read-only in Windows 10

Hello! Hard drives are a fundamental element in any operating system. Of course, Windows 10 is no exception. In fact, this is...

How to create a new KVM virtual Machine on Debian 10?

In the previous post, we explained how to install KVM on Debian 10. Now it's time to create a KVM Virtual Machine.

How to repair a USB drive in Windows 10.

Hi! USB sticks are undoubtedly very functional elements for working in Windows 10. Indeed, their use ranges from file management to creating...
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