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Meenakshi Gupta


Apple TV now on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Apple TV, which appeared on Roku just last week, is now ready to shake hands with Amazon TV services. In a bid to make...

Best Apps Of 2019 – Winners of Google Play Awards 2019

Greetings, today, we'll be looking closely at the best apps of 2019 (based on this years winners of Google Play Awards). Better apps, make...

Exploring Google Keyboard and it’s Features

Greetings, all of us have been using Google Keyboard, since a long time, and yet, most of us are still not aware of it's...

How to Uninstall Pre-installed Apps from your Android Phone

Greetings, in the event of your internal storage getting full, which happens more commonly than anyone would imagine, you can always rely on some...

How To Logout From All Devices (Google Account)

Greetings, I think everyone stumbles upon a time where they wish they had logged out of their Gmail accounts before handing out their phone...

How to add Setup VPN to Google Chrome

Greetings, with the amount of websites blocked due to location restrictions, usage of VPNs has become a constant. A VPN, or Virtual Privatate Network...

How to Setup USB Tethering

Greetings, I think we’ve all come across a time, where we wish we could’ve gotten our mobile’s hotspot to work a bit steadier on...

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