Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects 2018

Raspberry Pi is a dynamic microcontroller and is a capable mini-computer that can perform as various electronics projects. Basically, it is low-cost, light-weight & credit-card sized little computer. This computer can...

Install NFS Server and Client in CentOS 7 and Redhat 7

NFS (Network File System) is the popular distributed filesystem protocol. It's better for users to mount remote folders on their local servers. Here, we will explain step by step how to...

Python Programming Losing Popularity

Programming is one of the most important parts of operating a computer. A programmer tells the computer how to perform certain tasks using the hardware. The workflow is encoded with programs,...

Is Scala better then Java , Why ?

Java is a language based on Object Oriented programming. Its objective is for the most part centered around to gather the data and to take the control of the given information....

PHP for beginners.

PHP is one of the most important web programming languages to learn, and knowing it, will give you SUPER POWERS in the web development world and job market place.Because Millions of websites and applications...
programming languages

Top Used Programming and Scripting Languages

What is the difference between a scripting language and a programming language? The theoretical difference between the two is that scripting languages do not require the compilation step and are rather...

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Android 7 vs Android 8

Usually a next version of a software is better than the previous one, covering all the features that were missed in the previous one. Following...

Moto G6 Leaks!


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