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This reduced version of Windows XP works perfectly in the browser.

Hello! For some years now, emulating complete operating systems directly in the browser has become a challenge for some developers. Indeed, we have seen cases like Windows 95, Windows 98, and even Windows 2000 being run in a simple browser tab. Now it is the turn for Windows XP. That is to say, we will be able to emulate it in a browser tab. It is worth remembering that it has been almost 10 years since it was discontinued. However, it is still present in computers around the world. Even, some government agencies of countries, continue using it. Next, let’s see how Windows XP works perfectly in the browser.

Virtual XP

VirtualXP is a project of the developer Leonardo Javier Russo. Leonardo has created a website where we can run Windows XP. For this, he uses an Emscripten build of the Halfix hardware emulator. Actually, it is the same emulator that has been used for older versions of Windows.

When you enter the page, it starts loading the emulator and the Windows XP disk image. This image is special. In fact, it is a mini version of only 42 MB. Let’s remember that a complete Windows XP image with all its service packs weighs more than 500 MB. Therefore, it only has some basic elements and not the full functionality of the original system.

You can open tools such as Paint or Notepad and use them without any problem. Additionally, you can navigate through some components, such as the Control Panel. However, if you try to go further, you will receive an error message. The system takes about a minute and a half to finish loading to the Windows XP desktop. You can resize the browser window and the system will adjust relatively well. It is advisable to try until you get the resolution to look as good as possible.

Customization is present.

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Perhaps the most interesting element is that although the image is reduced, it is still possible to customize it as in the past. That is to say, we will be able to use the classic themes with their vintage color combinations. VirtualXP is an open-source project, and you can find its code on GitHub.

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