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Best Apps Of 2019 – Winners of Google Play Awards 2019

Greetings, today, we’ll be looking closely at the best apps of 2019 (based on this years winners of Google Play Awards). Better apps, make your mobile, and your life, improve in many ways. It’s not just about games, and clock anymore, the app game has gone to a whole other level, and the level of sophistication achieved is remarkable.

So, here’s a review of some of the best apps of 2019 :

1. Standout well-being app : Woebot

Woebot App

As the name suggests, Woebot is an app which focuses on your mental and emotional well being. The UI is very easy on the eyes, and the app design is simple, yet powerful. The chat bot is intelligent, and it’s not one of the apps you can sucked into, as it has limits per day, and you can use it anytime. It tracks your moods, and keeps all your data and chats confidential. Recommended for someone who suffers from regular stress, anxiety, and depression.

2. Best accessibility experience : Envision AI

Envision AI app

Envision AI is very similar to Microsoft’s Seeing AI, with a bit advanced settings, and it’s available for Android users as well. It’s user interface is very simple, which can be easily read by people with low eyesight. It’s main functions include, describing a scene, magnification, recognizing certain objects, reading a document, or even handwriting, although, some of these functions can be a little more better. Still, exceptionally well done, and a must have for people with poor eyesight.

3. Best living room experience : Neverthink

Neverthink app
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As suggested by it’s name, Neverthink allows you to watch a continuous stream of videos according to your likes, and one of the 44 categories you’ve chosen to watch. It’ll keep on playing videos, and it also takes voice commands for easier access. It’s UI is a bit more complicated, but once you find the choices that match you, you can enjoy this Internet TV anytime, anywhere.

4. Standout build for billions experience : Canva

Canva App

Canva is an easy to use graphic-design tool. It started with a website, and later developed it’s app which is synced to the website by using the same login credentials. It uses a very simple drag and drop approach for editing, and can be used by both professionals and amateurs. It’s paid version carries more advanced features and templates, but the free version suffices for those who are non-designers.

5. Best breakthrough app : Slowly

Slowly is a networking app, which can be used by you to send letters to people from around the world. It matches you with people sharing same thoughts as you, you can chose the age range, location, etc., you want to pair up with. The time required to deliver the letter from one person to the other is actually based on their individual locations. It might even take upto 1 day for the letter to deliver, which makes the process more meaningful. Get started on making a pen pal right now!

That’s it for today, meanwhile you can explore your Gboard.

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