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How To Logout From All Devices (Google Account)

Greetings, I think everyone stumbles upon a time where they wish they had logged out of their Gmail accounts before handing out their phone to someone. Since Google encompasses the most information (in Android Phones), anyone can fall in this position where they wish they had logged out of at least their main accounts. As the main accounts usually store all the photos, passwords, app information, hangouts, basically more than 50% of your mobile data.

So, in today’s post, I’ll show you how you can easily log out from all, or some of your devices remotely. You just have to execute the following steps :

How to logout from all/selected devices (Google) – From Laptop

  1. Open your google chrome home page.
  2. Select Google apps.
Google chrome home page

3. Scroll down in the menu, and find the “Account” option.

Google chome home page : Account

4. When your Google account opens, select the security option.

Google Account
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5. Scroll down the Security Menu and find “Your devices”. Open your device’s menu by clicking manage devices.

Your Devices

6. Select the device you want to logout your Google account, and sign out of the device.

Mobile sign out

7. Sign out of the device.

sign out

You can do the same using your phone. While using the phone, you just have to open Google, and select “My account” from the top right corner drop-down menu. After that, you just have to follow the same steps to logout from your Google account.

You can sign out from all your devices by changing your password, again, from the security section and then choosing the “Logout from all devices” option. That will ensure that your Google account is not being used elsewhere.

Tip: To save the maximum of your data going into the wrong hands, and for preserving it, make sure you update your important information on your Google account regularly.

Well, that’s it for today, be sure to check out How to add SetupVPN extension to your Google Chrome, to access most of the internet.

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