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How to Uninstall Pre-installed Apps from your Android Phone

Greetings, in the event of your internal storage getting full, which happens more commonly than anyone would imagine, you can always rely on some tips and tricks. One of the major issue people have is, the amount of storage pre-installed apps take up on the phone. In some cases 20-25% of internal storage is occupied by such apps. And the more infuriating part about this exchange is, almost 70% of those apps are not even used by many. These apps stay in your phone forever, keep updating, and before you know it, consume almost 100Mb+ per app.

One of the more prevalent tricks, is to reinstall your apps, which gets rid of the extra space they were taking due to their updates. Sometimes, an app, which was taking up 500mb gets reduced to a meager 50-60mb after re-installation. But, let’s face it, this process, takes longer time, isn’t a permanent solutionn, consumes more data, and you have to login to all those apps, all over again.

Therefore, the better option is, to uninstall the pre-installed apps. You can also “uninstall all updates” in case you use the app, but only very rarely.

To uninstall the pre-installed software, you just have to follow these steps :

How to uninstall pre-installed apps and updates

  1. Open your mobile’s settings.
Settings option
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2. Open “Apps and Notifications” menu.

apps and notifications

3. Expand the apps section by clicking on “See all apps”.

Apps and notifications

4. Choose any unwanted pre-installed app you want to remove. (As an example, I chose the FM Radio app).

App info

5. Open the app and click on “Disable”.

FM radio app

6. Disable the app.

Disabling app

7. Click on “Ok”. (Note : It is not necessary that this would be asked in case of all apps. Only the apps which have been updated, will give this option)

Replacing app with it's factory version.

8. The app will be uninstalled.

App uninstalled

For those apps, which you use rarely and do not want to uninstall, but do want to reduce their size, you can easily uninstall it’s updates.

You just have to choose the app from the list, click on the top right corner to reveal a drop down menu, and click on “Uninstall updates”. (In my example, I used the pre installed “Maps” application.)

updates uninstallation

This is it for today, make sure to check out how to setup USB Tethering, to give uninterrupted and faster internet connection to your PC from your phone.

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