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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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How to install Windows 10 step by step.

Hello! Windows 10 continues to increase its market penetration share. In fact, it is currently the most popular desktop operating system. However, some nostalgic...

Microsoft Edge now has customizable feed

Microsoft Edge adapts to increase user productivity. In its panel update it includes news and information according to your work sector. In addition, this...

Tiktok in the sights of Microsoft and Walmart

Tiktok is a controversial social network. Not only because of contrary opinions about its content and influence. But also because of the political reach...

PayPal revolutionizes employee relations with Microsoft Teams

PayPal assumed Microsoft Teams as a communication tool among its employees. This in order to improve the relations between them. Also to optimize data...

Microsoft Teams offers new features for teleconferencing

Microsoft Teams announced that the platform will have new features. In fact, many of them are related to meetings. In particular, for remote medical...

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