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How to repair OneDrive

Hello! OneDrive has been developed as a cloud storage option. Indeed, Microsoft provides basic storage of 5 GB. However, it can be increased by purchasing any available plan. In addition, OneDrive allows you to synchronize your Windows libraries with the cloud. But it is also possible to add any folder at the user’s convenience. This would allow access from anywhere. Therefore, OneDrive synchronizes folders from time to time. However, this synchronization may fail. Or OneDrive may simply fail completely. So today we will show you how to repair OneDrive.

Repairing OneDrive.

Before attempting complex repairs, try something simple. First, right-click on the OneDrive icon. Next, click Exit the app. Finally, re-open the app from the Windows Start menu. Another option is to log out and then log back in. If this does not work, then proceed to the next steps.

How to repair OneDrive by resetting it

As mentioned, OneDrive is scheduled to synchronize regularly. Which is essential to be able to access files in the cloud. However, this synchronization can be interrupted. Or OneDrive may simply fail completely. To resolve this failure, we will reset Microsoft OneDrive. The first thing you need to open is a Command Prompt as administrator. With this in mind, type CMD in the Windows search engine. Then, select the corresponding option.

Running a command prompt as administrator
Running a command prompt as administrator

Then what we will do is reset the OneDrive properties. With this in mind, run the following command:

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%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset
Resetting OneDrive
Resetting OneDrive

Next, we will restart OneDrive services. With this in mind, run the following command:

Arranging OneDrive again
Arranging OneDrive again

With these steps, we will be able to repair OneDrive. As you can see, these are simple methods that will allow you to use this service again. If on the other hand, you don’t want to use it anymore, then see our guide to remove it. See you soon!

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