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Massive attack: Hackers access Microsoft source code

The 2020 surprises until the end. As an example of this, the massive attack on SolarWinds software had great consequences. Among them, the attackers accessed Microsoft’s source code.

The company revealed the process of the attack on its systems. In this sense, it stated that they found irregularities in a “small number of internal accounts”. And that one of them “had been used to view [the company’s] source code in various source code repositories. In this way, the hackers had access to Microsoft’s source code.

Attack on the source code: worldwide

SolarWinds is a US company. Its main objective is to develop software for companies. They collaborate in the administration of their networks, systems and information technology infrastructure. Previously, the company suffered a massive attack. Specifically in early December. It is important to note that investigations link Russia to the attack. In this sense, the affected companies belong to different influential countries. However, Russia is off that list.

Likewise, Microsoft carried out a map with telemetry from the Defender Anti-Virus software to determine the affected countries. The United States stands out among them. However, Microsoft identified companies and institutions in Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Other important data

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On the other hand, Microsoft assured that it seeks to be transparent in its research. Consequently, the company named the research as Solorigate. This research yielded important findings. For example: the attack preserved customer data. In addition, there is no indication that the attack was used to affect third parties from Microsoft systems.

Finally, the company claimed that they infiltrated their systems “beyond the presence of SolarWinds’ malicious code”. All these findings alert the Microsoft community regarding the security of their systems. And they invite the company to reinforce its security to ensure the safety of its customers and their data.

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