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The paid version of Microsoft Defender has arrived.

One of the best features that came with the release of Windows 10 was the current Windows Defender. We are talking about a completely free antivirus installed as standard on the PC that allows us to be protected against all the threats that plague the network. It is certainly not the first time that Microsoft plays with antivirus (remember the Essentials Security disaster). However, it is the first time it has managed to offer users an antivirus that is up to the task. And now Microsoft has gone a step further, finally offering a comprehensive solution for users. We are talking about Microsoft Defender for Individuals. It does, however, have to be paid for. Below, we will give you details about this paid version of Microsoft Defender.

Microsoft introduces a paid version of Microsoft Defender.

Obviously, this version has features that differentiate it from the ordinary Windows Defender. The first thing that this new security solution offers us is a centralized panel. From there, we will be able to control the security of all the devices that we use within the family environment. That is to say, we will be able to protect so much any PC with Windows. But also other operating systems, such as macOS, Android, and iOS. The only system that has been left out of this solution has been Linux.

Thanks to this new panel, we will be able to have controlled and protected all the devices that we use within the family environment. The ideal is to protect them with Windows Defender. However, the panel is ready to work with other security solutions, such as Norton or McAfee.

Once installed and configured, Microsoft Defender constantly scans all devices for malware. This way, we can be sure that we have the best possible protection. In addition, it will notify us when there are other security problems so that we can solve them as soon as possible. Additionally, any changes in security are notified to the administrators of this antivirus. Consequently, they will be able to know about it and fix it as quickly as possible.

What about the price of this antivirus?

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This new security solution is based on Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. We are talking about an enterprise-level security solution specialized in centralizing the security of large computer networks in companies. What Microsoft has done is to take this same concept. The aim is to adapt it to all types of home users and families. But, to use it, we will have to be subscribed to Microsoft 365, either the personal or the family edition. Therefore, Microsoft Defender for Individuals becomes part of the Microsoft subscription. Along with Office and the terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage.

If you have already paid the Microsoft subscription, simply click on the following link. Then download the antivirus on all the devices you want to protect. Downloads are made directly from the official application stores (Apple’s App Store, Android’s Play Store, etc.). So, we will not have to make strange configurations on the PC. It is possible that in the future, Microsoft will also include Linux among the protected systems, as it already does in the version for companies. But, for the time being, the penguin’s free system remains outside this security ecosystem. Although, to be fair, it doesn’t need to be. So now you know, the paid version of Microsoft Defender has arrived. Bye!

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