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How to master Linux Server Securities

Today, in this article we will discuss how to master Linux server securities. Default securities are good in Linux but, require some extra care....

How to create and Mange File System Access Control List (ACL) with Ubuntu 20.04.

Objective: ACL, or Access Control Lists are special permissions. Linux file system by using standard file permission is User, Group, and Other Level. Further, having...

CentOS: End of an era, what next?

CentOS, one of the most popular RHEL derivatives. It was always the first choice to deploy production servers. Due to rock-solid stability, CentOS is...

How to setup WireGuard VPN with ubuntu 20.04

Here, we will learn today how to configure WireGuard VPN with Ubuntu 20.04. Wireguard® is an amazingly straightforward yet quick and present-day VPN that...

How to enable local port forwarding using Ubuntu 20.04 and ssh

SSH, a very popular tool found almost with every IT guy. Commonly, when we talk about the insecure network for data, ssh is the...

Configure Samba File share Services with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Here, Today! let's discuss samba file share service with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. If you need to share files between Linux and MS Windows...

Setting up OpenVPN Server on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

So, in this post, you will learn How to set an OpenVPN server on Ubuntu 20.04. VPN or virtual private network is a set of...

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