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Setup Zentyal Server Step by Step

Today, we will run how to set up the Zentyal Server step by step. Zentyal is one of the most popular server platforms. So many servers are there for day-to-day IT infra management. But, which server is the best one to keep things quick and easy. Here is the answer, Zentyal is one of the simplified and quick to set up community-based Server OS. It is a derivative of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Let’s begin with.


Zentyal comes with very rick features, required for day to day IT infra management. Some of the primary features are as below.

Directory and domains.

  • Support Active directories.
  • File sharing possible with MS windows Environment.
  • OU (organization units), GPO (group policy objects) features are available.
  • You can manage domains and directories centrally.
  • Single sign-on Features.

IT Infrastructure

  • Quick deployment of DNS and DHCP Server.
  • Instant VPN and FTP.
  • Virtualization Manager.

Email and Gateway

  • It supports multiple email protocols like POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and CalDAV.
  • A number of email clients are supported like- Thunderbird and Webmail.
  • To avoid spamming and phishing features like Mail filter and Antivirus.
  • It has one of the best and easy to deploy firewall, routing, and gateway features.

Here, we will use Zentyal 7.0 for demonstration purpose. It is recommended to have at least two LAN Cards. Let’s go step by step.


  1. Download server iso from this link.
  2. Boot server with Zentyal bootable device.
  3. Select preferred language.

4. After selecting language, let it process automatically.

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5. Here, define primary network card.

6. You can define your hostname.

7. Define an username for server.

8. Password is required for user.

9. Define time zone here.

10. Define your time zone here.

Define Time Zone for Zentyal Server

11. Let the server get installed, login and provide credentials.

12. Complete your server setup.

13. Choose service required for your environment, here you can select multiple services.

14. Server is ready to use, congratulations.


The error might occur sometime, after the installation process complete and you will not be able to see services in the browser. To get rid of this simply remove the internet connection while installing the server. Zentyal provides paid services. For testing purposes, you can use the community version as well. I have used the Zentyal community edition for a few SMB environments and it works well.

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