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Backing up your data with Duplicati

When it comes to taking backups, you must be very careful. Choosing the right backup utility can make things easy. Duplicati encrypts data before backup. It is available for Linux, Mac, and MS Windows as well. A web-based interface makes things easy. Here, we will learn “backing up your data with Duplicati”, today.

Installation and Features

Key features are:

  1. Web-based application, easy to manage and configure.
  2. GUI-based easy configuration setup, where you can schedule services quickly.
  3. Available for Windows, Mac, and almost all of the Linux derivatives.
  4. Maximum of the cloud platform work here.
  5. GUI Schedular, plan backups per your time.
  6. Secured access, require auth id to access.
  7. Data can be restored in few steps.
  8. Detailed documentation available, if looking for support.
  9. You can pause backups if something wrong happens.

I will be using MS Windows and Linux (Mint) for installation demo purposes. Download Duplicati for Windows first.

After installation, browser based app will open.

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Schedule your first backup. Click to add backup and move ahead.

Define backup destination, where data will be stored.

Google Drive access requires auth id. Click on the link to get your id. Google service will ask for authorization. Login with your google drive id.

Authorize to access desired google account. Click to allow.

Choose which accounts will keep backup, make sure it have enough storage space.

After successful integration with Google drive, authID generated. You can test connection, if required.

Looks like all settings are working fine.

Time scheduling for your backups.

Here, keep things as default. Backup splits up into multiple files called volume. Save to schedule your data backup.

Now, lets see how to restore data backup. Have a look on created backup.

Restore data, click on demo backup (Demo is the name we provided for our testing). Click on run now to stark backing up immediately. You can see data backing up. After process is complete, 100% progress is visible.

Restore back, again it will ask for google drive authentication id, simply follow step as mentioned in previous steps.

Provided with required settings, now you can restore data.


You can manage quick backups with Duplicati. It’s a simple yet reliable utility that does not require any expertise to manage. Multiple OS support makes it an even more reliable platfrom.

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