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For the last few days, I was looking for some chat app for my office. Suddenly, I notice a new chat app i.e. PUMBLE.

I can guarantee that Pumble is a newly emerging team chat app. Though, a lot of big players are already in the market. But, when I went through the features of that chat app, I immediately started deploying it for my organization. Let’s discuss the features, pros, and cons of Pumble.

What is Pumble?

During this pandemic situation, maximum of the organization are preferring work from home. Lots of paid applications are there already. Pumble can give a really tough competition to its competitors. And, the reason is the flowless ness and features of that product

1. Familiar interface.

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I would just say, the user interface almost looks like MS Teams R. So, new users will not face any difficulty while using it. Very sleek icons, quick to set up, and lightweight application.

2. Personalized channels

Teams can easily collaborate by creating team level channels. Users can chat and share data quickly.

3. Multiple themes

Themes can be preferred. Dark or light themes are available.

3. Easy to setup

A very simple to install application, sign up, download and start using it.

4. Multiple platform support.

Application is for MS Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. Which makes that platform even more effective and easy to use.

5. Centralized control via admin panel.

A very rich admin panel, where you can manage, edit, or remove users. You can invite team members via admin panel.

Pros and Cons

I would personally recommend to use that tool, based upon pros of Pumble. As per my personal following are


  • Quick to set up, even no techie can set up Pumble quickly.
  • Free of cost application.
  • Easy data sharing, users can quickly share data.
  • Quick customer support, I personally drop an email to the support team and got a response within 5 min.
  • Standard interface, no experiments are done with application and straight interface.


  • No calling and video features. Though Pumble is claiming to start call and video chat features soon.
  • Lagging at first time installation. Users may face challenges while installing that application first time. The screen got freeze and can remain idle for a while.
  • Every time when you log in to a desktop application, it always sends an email to get a login. It should not be there and the application must get login via providing creds.

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