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FreedomBox your personal home server

FreedomBox is a ready-to-use service platter, where you can deploy various services in a single click. Nowadays, security is an equal concern for both tech and nontech peoples. Services, having quick-to-deploy features, always appreciated. That is why the prime motto of Freedombox is “Your digital life should not be in the hands of tech companies or governments. Keep it close to you. Literally!”


The key features of Freedombox are following.

Reliable platform:

It’s an open-source software platform and an official partner of Debian. So, we can expert long-term support, stability, and trust as well.

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File Sharing:

Provide file sharing service with Dropbox, you can share items with Friends and family.

Secured VPN connection:

Comes with OpenVPN, access you resources whenever required.

Proxy Server:

proxy server provided, can be used to distributed internet among your family members or team mated.

Chat Service:

You can communicate with team without bothering security and privacy concerns.

Data backup and Data Storage:

Inbuilt Network Accessible storage can be utilized to have centralized backups and storage.

Organize your hours

With FreedomBox you can organize and sync calendars and contacts.

Install and setup Server

While installing services, make sure that this server is a fresh installation. After this installation is over no GUI will be visible anymore. Recommended to use this server as dedicated for freedombox only.

Update server.

$ sudo apt-get update 

Install package.

$sudo apt-get install -y freedombox-setup

Provide administrator password.

Ensure LDAP url access is per your need, have a look.

Define DNS services.

Define LDAP lookup service. Click next.

Mail service, if required. Click next.

When installation is almost complete, you will get following message. A secret key will be gnerated which you have to keep safe.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      FreedomBox first wizard secret - sv706mkDyRFUJVXM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Please note down the above secret. You will be asked to enter this in the first screen after you launch the FreedomBox web interface. In case you lose it, you can retrieve it by running the following   │  command:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              $ sudo cat /var/lib/plinth/firstboot-wizard-secret        

Browse service, when installation is over.

The provide the secret key, click next.

Setup adminsitartion account, provide username and password of your choice.

What type of internet you have ? provide details and proceed.

Define router settings and move ahead.

Congratulations, your setup in complete. Just configure service per your needs.


Freedombox is a decent server. You require a Debian-based derivate to install the server. Installation might be lengthy, so be careful with each and every step.

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