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World’s Most Beautiful Linux Garuda

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India, the place of knowledge and wisdom, and I belong to India. While exploring some decent Linux flavors, get to know about Garuda. Yes, I can claim that the distro is the world’s most beautiful Linux version. It was surprising for me to know that Garuda belongs to India. Why I was not aware of that? anyway, I decided to download it and see what is so special about it. I got stunned after seeing that beautiful piece of art. Garuda is an Indian Hindu mythological bird, which belongs to Lord Vishnu the creature of this universe.

Installation and Features

Download Garuda OS from this link. Here, I have used Virtual environment for demonstration purpose.

  1. Boot distro. As per official recommendations you must have at least 30 G of storage and 4 G of RAM. Click to install.

2. Select Location.

3. IT would show Indian Keyboard and standard, opt default keyboard layout.

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4. Define partitions as per your requirements.

5. Define username and password.

6. Have a look on settings and allow to being the installation.

7. After Installation is over, reboot when all done.

8. Login Garuda Machine, to reveal its beauty.

Features of Garuda Linux

Garuda Linux is a derivative of Arch Linux. It comes with 15 different variants. BTRFS is used as the default file system, Its neon GUI makes you feel like working with a futuristic Operating System.

When we talk about GUI, it’s out of this world. The vibrant neon look makes it really attractive. Icons are sleek and sophisticated.

Attractive tweaks, makes things really smart and out of the box.

Few unique feature which you will not see in any other operating system also make Garuda as different breed.

With Assistant you can manage things in an easy way, beyond your expectations.

Timeshift keeping snapshots of the operating system will never let your system down, keep time to time snapshots. You can keep 5 previous timestamps.

A very lightweight File System manager, with sleek appearance keep performance on the top.

For Garuda, the final verdict is that it’s a decent, one of the world’s most beautiful and futuristic operating system. The way it has been built and its reliability appear to be, soon that gonna grab a big market chunk.


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