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Tasks to keep Windows 10 up to date.

Hello! When we buy a computer or install Windows from scratch, the performance is very good. In fact, the system usually runs fast and without errors. However, as time goes by, it loses fluidity. In addition, there are usually errors. When this happens, the best solution seems to be to format the system. On the other hand, by performing a monthly maintenance we can avoid these problems. And we will get the PC to work perfectly, as the first day. With this intention, we will give you some tips to carry out maintenance to the computer. In this way we will obtain better performance. Next, we will see some tasks to maintain Windows 10 up to date.

Uninstall unnecessary programs

Surely we have installed programs that we rarely use. Or worse, we have never used it. These apps take up unnecessary space on the hard disk. But they also keep services and processes running. Consequently, they consume valuable system resources. So they can slow down the system. Therefore, it is advisable to check the list of installed programs. And then delete what we do not use.

Uninstalling a program in Windows 10
Uninstalling a program in Windows 10

Update the entire system to keep Windows up to date.

To keep your computer running smoothly, you need to keep it up to date. That is, not only update Windows or the web browser. The more updated the whole system is, the less problems there will be.

Update Windows 10.

The first thing you have to do is to update Windows 10 monthly. Indeed, Microsoft releases on the second Tuesday of each month, a security patch. It fixes bugs and possible security flaws. These patches are essential for the stability of the system. Additionally, there are other optional updates. As the name suggests, you can install them or not. But don’t worry, they will be included in the next month’s mandatory update.

Update drivers

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Drivers are the software that allows Windows to recognize and use the hardware. Many of the drivers are updated automatically with Windows Update. As we show you here. If not, it is advisable to visit the manufacturer’s official website.

Updating programs

Finally, it is always important to have the programs up to date. And not only, the main ones like vlc or Chrome. But all the installed ones, even if we don’t use them. Since the updates correct errors and improve the operation. But they can also correct vulnerabilities. In such a case, we can update the programs by hand. Or use a third party app.

Cleaning the Windows cache and temporary files.

As we use the computer, programs accumulate a large amount of cache and temporary files. As a result, they eventually take up space on the hard disk and slow down the system. Consequently, it is necessary to get rid of them. On the other hand, Windows 10 has a storage sensor. This system allows to analyze and clean the system in a safe way. Without having to resort to third-party options that can cause problems. It is also advisable to clean the cache, cookies and temporary data from browsers and apps. The whole process is explained in detail here.

Windows storage sensor
Windows storage sensor

Scan for viruses in Windows 10.

When surfing the Internet or downloading programs, it is likely to infect the computer. This represents a security problem. Windows certainly has its own antivirus suite. In addition, it constantly scans the system for threats. However, it never hurts to do several periodic scans.

Ultimately, we have seen some tasks to keep Windows up to date. As you can see, they are simple actions that will improve your user experience. See you soon!

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