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Update all programs in Windows 10 with this tool.

It is well known that Windows 10 has its own application store. However, most of the popular apps are not there. Besides, almost none of them have an automatic upgrade version. That is to say, it is necessary to enter the manufacturer’s website in order to update. Or in any case, wait for the app to notify you about a new version. However, Windows does not have a native app for batch updating. So today we will learn how to update all programs in Windows 10 with this tool.

Learn how to update most Windows 10 programs with Patch My PC.

This app is paid, but has a very complete domestic version. In fact, it is a very lightweight and portable program. On the other hand, it offers to install or update more than 300 applications. This is a simple but very powerful tool. Indeed, its operation is very intuitive. As soon as you run the program, a list of apps installed on the system is displayed. If any app is outdated, then it is displayed in red. On the contrary, if you have the latest version, then it is displayed in green.

Patch My PC ready to update Windows 10 apps
Patch My PC ready to update Windows 10 apps

As mentioned, the program is very intuitive. It also has a very complete Options section. From there you can modify many variables. For example, modify the preferred language of the apps when downloading. It is also possible to activate a download-only mode. You can even modify the status color of the apps or minimize the tray. Similarly, there are technical aspects such as creating restore points before updating.

Patch My PC Options Panel
Patch My PC Options Panel

The tool also has a practical uninstaller. In effect, it shows the list of installed apps. Just select one and press the Uninstall button to start the process.

Using the uninstall tool
Using the uninstall tool
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Even the tool includes a practical task scheduler. This allows you to schedule periodic updates in batches. Just enter the specific day and time. Or even time periodicity.

In short, we are before a tool that allows to update all the programs in Windows 10 In addition, it is portable and free, a reason why it is a great option. Until soon!


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