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How to disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 10

Hello! It is well known that security is an essential concern in any system. In fact, it is an important aspect in Windows 10. Moreover, security risks have been a constant in this system. Consequently, many users tend to install antivirus on their new operating system. However, perhaps you didn’t know that Windows 10 includes an antivirus by default. We are talking about Microsoft Defender. In fact, this suite formerly known as Windows Defender has been around a long time. On the other hand, this tool is undervalued. In fact, in my opinion it is a great antivirus. It’s even the antivirus suite I use on my system. However, not all users are the same. It is very likely that some will think of doing without Microsoft Defender. Consequently, today we will see how to disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 10.

How to temporarily disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 10

There are several reasons for not using Microsoft Defender. For example, incompatibility of applications, installing another antivirus suite, etc. Also, some users are not comfortable with Microsoft products. However, Microsoft’s aggressive policy towards its products is well known. For this reason, there is no way to completely uninstall this antivirus. So the first solution we will try is to temporarily disable the tool. To do this, it is necessary to go to the system security settings. With this intention, press the combination Win+I. Once there, click on Update and Security.

Please go to Update and Security.
Please go to Update and Security.

Several options will be immediately deployed. Please scroll down in the left menu until you reach Windows Security. Then, in the right column click on open Windows Security

Please open Windows Security
Please open Windows Security

You will then be redirected to a new window. Please click on Virus & Threat Protection. Then, in the menu on the right, click on Manage Settings

Please enter the Microsoft Defender settings.
Please enter the Microsoft Defender settings.

Several switches relating to system protection are now shown. This time it disables the Real Time Protection. Consequently, the activity of Microsoft Defender will be stopped. However, please note that once you reboot the computer, the antivirus will be active again. This option is interesting for those who do not want to disable the antivirus completely. Inasmuch as, the method is totally temporary.

Temporarily disabling Microsoft Defender.
Temporarily disabling Microsoft Defender.

How to permanently disable Microsoft Defender

As mentioned above, there is no option to directly uninstall Microsoft Defender. However, there is always a way. Actually, the process is as simple as installing another virus protection. In fact, once the new program is activated, Windows will disable the Defender. In addition, the process is automatic. That is, the user does not have to do anything. For this reason, there will be no problem of operation. Since it is well known that it is not advisable to run two antivirus programs at the same time. To return to Microsoft Defender, simply uninstall the other antivirus. It’s as simple as that!


Ultimately we have seen how to disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 10. This is a great antivirus. However, we give you the freedom to choose. Beyond preferences, it is always good to be in control. In previous posts, we saw some free software options. Nevertheless, we recommend the use of Microsoft Defender. Inasmuch as, it is a free antivirus, lightweight, and designed for Windows. In addition, its effectiveness has nothing to envy to other options in the market. It even works better than some paid antivirus. All right, that’s it for now. We recommend you to keep an eye on our publications. If you liked this post, do not hesitate to publish it on your social networks. That would be a great help. See you soon!

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