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How to uninstall programs with CMD in Windows 10

Hi, how are you? Today will see how to uninstall programs with CMD in Windows 10. We often install a lot of applications on the system. In general, these are to improve productivity or simply for personal use. In addition, the catalog of possibilities is enormous since it can be installed from external sources. But there is also the Microsoft store as an alternative. But not always what we have installed in what we need, and the PC ends up slowing down the computer. Therefore, the best option is to uninstall the app.

Most of the time, the programs include an uninstaller. Likewise, the most direct way to do it is through the Control Panel. However, some programs resist being uninstalled. Or, they leave residues of their code on the system. It is also possible that the Control Panel is damaged and cannot be accessed. In such cases, it is possible to use the Command Prompt alternative.

Run a Command Prompt as an administrator

First, it is imperative to open a CMD as an administrator. With this in mind, please press the Win+Q combination. Once inside the search bar, please type CMD and run the application as administrator.

Runs a CMD as an administrator
Runs a CMD as an administrator

Once the console is launched, please run the wmic command

Run wmic command
Run wmic command
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Wmic (Windows Management Instrumentation Console) is a system console with which we can manage both local and remote equipment. In the same way, several support tasks can be done such as generating information, starting, stopping and pausing processes. Once we run wmic we will enter the following command to access details of the installed programs.

 product get name 
List of installed programs.
List of installed programs.

Now, to uninstall any program, just run the following command:

product where name="app" call uninstall 

Please remember to replace the app value with the name of the application you wish to uninstall. For example:

product where name="HPPhotoGadget" call uninstall  

The program installation path will be displayed immediately. In addition, a confirmation will be requested since this process is irreversible.

Starting the uninstallation process.
Starting the uninstallation process.

If you press the letter N, we will continue in the Wmic console. But if you press the letter Y, the uninstallation process will be completed.

Successfully uninstalled program
Successfully uninstalled program


Ultimately we have seen how to uninstall Windows programs with the CMD. This is a good alternative to those programs that resist being uninstalled. Well, that’s all for now. Please visit our post about what’s new in the latest version of Windows Insider. See you later!


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