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HDR in games soon to be a reality in Windows 10

Hi! Enjoying HDR in games is nothing new. In fact, this technology came with consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. That is, devices that...

How to Remotely Play PS4 Games on Android Phone

We all know PlayStation is dominating the video games dimension for so long. And, gaming in PS4 can be absolutely addicting. As the world...

How to install Lutris on Debian 9?

If you're a Linux gamer, then you're in luck because this post will teach you how to install Lutris on Debian 9. Lutris is one...

Best Pinball Games for Windows 10

Games are always an inseparable part of our computers, right? We always love to play our favorite games to either pass leisure times or...

Top 10 Upcoming Games 2018

Who doesn’t love to play games? When the games are on consoles and PC, the enjoyment of gaming increases more than 1000 times! In...

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