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Best Pinball Games for Windows 10

Games are always an inseparable part of our computers, right? We always love to play our favorite games like Spider Solitaire or Hearts to either pass leisure times or relax a bit. to either pass leisure times or relax a bit. Speaking of games, pinball is possibly the easiest and one of the most popular ones for Windows users. The debut of pinball was first introduced with Windows XP. However, we didn’t have the awesome game built-in with the next generations of Windows. Thankfully, Windows 10 comes up with a rich app store that contains lots of small and awesome games for playing.

If you’re a pinball fan, time to revive your spirit because Windows Store has a rich collection of pinball games just for you. Here are the best ones to cater your life.

For having the experience of the classic pinball, Pinball Star is the precise choice. First of all, it brings back the nostalgic feeling of pinball from the age of Windows XP. However, it’s more polished even better!

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The graphics is super cool with awesome effects, coloring, and gameplay. In addition, there are different achievements, targets etc. to complete. There’s a global leaderboard to check out your skill against the whole world. You can even customize button controls!

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For a casual experience, Pinball Shooter is the right choice. It’s a really easier variant of the classic pinball game. You only have to make sure that the ball doesn’t fall out of the board. Use the shutters to direct the ball towards the golden stars. Every hit earns you point.

There is a time limit in each game. Moreover, various obstacles are already in the path of the ball to make the game a bit harder than the classic edition.

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Ever heard of a pinball adventure? Don’t waste your time sitting idle. Just start playing Momonga Pinball Adventures! It’s full of excitement and awesome gameplay.

You embark on a journey where your ball is an awesome, cute, little squirrel. There are 3 different worlds where your squirrel should go on and earn points. It features 3 main characters – Momo, Fry, and Panda. Each level has different difficulty level to make the game even more enjoyable.

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Which one do you prefer? Don’t forget to share your choice in the comment. For Android users, there are best games out there. Check out the top 10 Android games of 2018!

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