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How to Remotely Play PS4 Games on Android Phone

We all know PlayStation is dominating the video games dimension for so long. And, gaming in PS4 can be absolutely addicting. As the world is moving towards the interconnected network, Sony follows the same way too. And, this time for Sony, the interconnected network means remotely playing PS4 games on Sony Smartphones. If you are already aware about the news but do not know how to remotely play PS4 games on android phone, then follow the step by step instructions to get over it.

Sony launched an android application called PS4 Remote Play, which can be installed on your Xperia devices and pair with your PS4 to remotely play PS4 games on android phones.

So, what do you need?

  • PS4 with Games
  • A Sony Xperia device (Though some people reported, a moded version of the app works in other android devices too. However, for your own protection, we don’t recommend installing an application outside the Google Play Store)
  • And, PS4 Remote Play application.
    (You can also connect the PS4 controller with android VIA Bluetooth if you want, but that would be optional)

Setup your PS4:

  • Turn on your PS4 and navigate to Settings.
  • Select Remote Play Connection Settings and hit Enter.
  • Check the Enable Remote Play checkbox (Turn it on)
    (Don’t close the menu yet, because you will need this menu after the next step.)

Setting up your Android Device:

Now, in order to play PS4 games on your android device, finish setting up the device too. Follow the steps below:

  • Tap Install and Open when finishes installing.

At the first page, the app says that you can operate the PS4 using the device. In addition, it also prompts you to connect with PS4 DUALSHOCK controller. You can either connect or skip it depending on if you already have the controller.

Tap Next and forward to the next screen. And, sign in to your PlayStation account.

After signing to your PlayStation account, the application will start searching for the device connected to the same Wi-Fi.

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Once the app successfully finds the device, go to “Add a Device” on your PlayStation and it will generate a code. Enter the code on your Xperia Device to connect with the PS4.

Things to remember:

  • Make sure that your PS4 and your Xperia Device is connected to the same network.
  • Remote Play PS4 works only with PlayStation 4 and Xperia devices. So, make sure you are not using any other PlayStation or other android devices.
  • Be sure to sign in with the same PlayStation account on both of the devices or it won’t be connected.

Finally, if anything goes wrong and you still fail to connect your PS4 with your smartphone, try to restart both PlayStation and Android phone. And. try the above steps again. You will be able to remotely play PS4 games on android.
Let us know about your experience with PS4 Remote Play and you may also like how to enable Wi-Fi calling on Android

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