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What is Fastboot and Recovery option on Android

The Android platform is growing faster than ever. This pace will not slow down soon because of the never ending line of manufacturers and...

How to Remotely Play PS4 Games on Android Phone

We all know PlayStation is dominating the video games dimension for so long. And, gaming in PS4 can be absolutely addicting. As the world...

How to Enable Wi-Fi calling on Android Phone

Wi-Fi calling is a special service provided by the service provider. If you are in an area where Wi-Fi calling is available, yet you...

How to use Google Pay on Android

There are lots of virtual or contactless payment options available nowadays. Even the local banks offer electronic devices to make the payment more secure...

How to use Android Accessibility Settings

Android Accessibility Settings, A package of the coolest but comparatively little known features. These Accessibility features can be useful and can incorporate users into...

How to Use Find My Device on Android

Google Play Store is overflown with apps and there is no different when it comes to application to track your Android devices. However, Find...

How to Set up Email on Your Android Phone

Android was the fastest growing mobile operating system in 2009 and after a decade the pace hasn't slowed down a bit. Statistics in 2019...

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