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Free utilities to manage Windows

Hi! We always think of applications to use every time we install Windows. Indeed, they are tools that will make your work easier. The most used ones are usually heavy applications like Google Chrome or Office. However, sometimes we forget some lighter ones, but also very useful. For example, we will talk about NirSoft utilities. This is a website where Nir Sofer has been publishing creations for 20 years. Moreover, they are tools focused on making it easier to work with Windows. Actually, there are a total of 267 programs. Additionally, these apps have a couple of significant features: they are portable and very light. In fact, most of them weigh less than 1 MB. We have made a select compendium. So read on to learn about free utilities to manage Windows.

The best free utilities from NirSoft to manage Windows.


It is an advanced alternative to the native Windows clipboard. However, it stores all copied content. That is, not only the last one. Consequently, it is possible to access it at any time.


Analyzes a drive or folder and shows you essential information for each of its subfolders. Then it shows detailed information. How large are the files it contains, how many files it contains, how many of them are compressed or hidden, etc. As a result, we will be able to determine which folders use the most space on a given drive.


It is well known that we can turn the mobile phone into a Wi-Fi access point. This allows you to share the connection with other devices. Well, this tool allows you to do the same with Windows. Of course, it is necessary to have a wireless network adapter.


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This is a tool that monitors the packets passing through your network adapter. It also displays general statistics about network traffic. To achieve this, it groups the data by Ethernet type, IP protocol, source/destination addresses and source/destination ports.


It is well known that Microsoft products have a key. Occasionally, it is necessary to have this information at hand. You may have lost it and need it for a reinstallation? Don’t worry, ProduKey will extract them from your system and show them to you.


We usually view videos in the web browser. Generally, this is temporarily stored in the cache. Well, with VideoCacheView we will be able to locate it to save it in any location.


Do you suspect someone is connecting to your Wi-Fi without permission? This tool shows which devices are connected to your network. It also alerts you when a new one connects, and displays their IP and MAC addresses.


Currently, web browsers allow us to store the usernames and passwords of the websites we visit. However, WebBrowserPassView allows you to view the passwords stored in all the browsers on your computer.

Well, in this way we have seen free utilities to manage Windows. Note that NirSoft has many options available. If you want to see the complete list, check here. On the other hand, antivirus can detect some tools as viruses. This is nothing more than a false positive. In fact, they are completely legitimate applications and harmless to the system. Therefore, you just have to mark them as safe. See you later!

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