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How to use Android as a wifi repeater

Hello friends! Once again we bring you some good tips and tricks for your Android device. Sometimes when you have visits from family and friends, but don’t want to give them the password to your wifi network. In these cases, there is a simple alternative. That’s why in this post we will teach you how to use your Android as a wifi repeater.


NetShare is an app, which allows you to create a wifi hotspot, to share your mobile data, or extend your existing wifi connection as a repeater. Note that this app does not need Root access. One of its features is that it will automatically generate the network name and password. This is a way to share your wifi network in a secure way.

First step

To start you must download and install from the Google Play Store the Netshare app, I recommend you do so by following the link below:

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Google Play Store | NetShare-no-root-tethering

Second step

Once you have installed Netshare, open the app. Then press Start Wifi Hotspot, the hotspot will be created automatically. The network name and password cannot be changed because they are automatically generated by the Android system. Remember that you must be connected to a wifi network or cellular data obviously.

NetShare main menu Android
NetShare main menu
Android Wifi Hotspot

Third step

After that, connect to the Hotspot using the password. Then go to wifi settings, select the network, and set the proxy server to manual. Then enter the address and port. In this case, they are:

Port: 8282

Wifi Settings

Finally, save the changes and that’s it!


Android devices have virtually unlimited potential, things are so simple that they go unnoticed. But here we are to keep you up to date. Thanks to NetShare you won’t have any problems sharing your wifi network. This is an alternative to get rid of those annoying neighbors that are always asking for your wifi password. Thank you for reading to us.

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