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6 Essay Editing Tips Every Student Needs

Essay writing is a task that every student has to deal with at some point during their academic journey. For some students, the real challenge is actually editing the essay rather than writing it. It can be frustrating to spend hours correcting spelling mistakes, revising sentences, and formatting the document, only to have your teacher tell you that you need to edit it ‘better’.

That is why we’ve decided to help you with some basic tips. Besides, we have collected recommendations from the top writers of the essayhub.com essay writing service – they know what it’s like to deal with a number of papers quickly and efficiently. So, prepare to learn how to edit your essays like a pro! Or, just ask the pro to help you…

Find Someone to Do It For You

Let’s start with the revelation that you don’t actually have to spend hours correcting spelling mistakes or thinking whether this or that word is academic enough. All you need to do is hire an essay writer from one of the best essay editing services and let them polish your essay. For you, editing might seem torture, but for an expert, it’s as easy as pie. Besides, you will be able to see your weaknesses in writing and how you can get rid of them.

Track the Changes

Unless you work on your essay not in a Word document (which is officially a crime for any academic assignment), you have access to tracking the changes you make to the doc. Use this functionality to reduce the time you will spend on editing. It significantly simplifies the process since you don’t have to look for minor corrections you’ve made previously. 

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In addition, it helps you see the progress and how the teacher will see your paper if they have already read a couple of your drafts. Professors often use tracked changes to see whether the student has done anything useful. So, you’ll know for sure whether your editing can be deemed enough.

Be Honest With Yourself

Yeah, you might have written a witty sentence here and there and used quite exquisite words, but you must remember that it’s an academic paper. When you order essay, you don’t expect the writer to joke around and overcomplicate the text, do you? Well, that’s what your teacher expects from you too. So, get rid of complex scholarly and scientific words in a simple essay on literature. Save those for research papers. And, obviously, leave jokes and puns out of both types of papers. The same concerns the fillers added to meet the word count.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts and Hot Buttons

Editing often includes formatting the paper, and that can be a real pain in the neck. Click here to start searching for a word in the document, click there to adjust the letter spacing, then repeat that over again ‘cause you need to format many sentences like that. Well, you don’t have to do the latter, for instance. Did you know that to repeat the last action, you just need to press Ctrl+Y instead of making a number of clicks?

Some settings you use rarely are even harder to apply since you always forget where to find them. For such situations, Microsoft Word has hot buttons you can save in the top panel of the program. Moreover, you can even create whole macros that will apply basic settings to your paper in seconds like: 

  • font size
  • font color
  • background color
  • removing extra spaces
  • font family
  • text alignment, and so on

Fine-tuning the macros will require some time and assistance from Google, but in the end, editing will become a piece of cake for you!

Don’t Try to Fool Your Teacher

If you have already submitted drafts to your professor and need to address their feedback now, take the latter seriously. Shuffling the text around just to make the impression that you have done great changes won’t make your essay analytical. Putting fake citations where your teacher asked you to add page numbers can create even greater problems and lead to accusations of plagiarism.

Don’t forget about one of the tips above: many teachers look at tracked changes. So, adding some fillers like ‘from the analytical point of view’ won’t really solve the problem. At best, you will be asked to revise your paper again. At worst – the essay will be accepted but a lot of points – deduced. 

The Final Tip

Finally, read academic texts to get used to the words and the style acceptable for this or that type of paper. Ask your classmates to share their essays, especially if those received good grades. That way you will not only get an opportunity to critically analyze other essays and see the drawbacks that you might ignore in your own writing but also learn from the best!

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