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The best Markdown editors for Windows

Hello! More and more people are entering the world of software development. However, the situation has evolved a lot. Indeed, we now have more powerful tools. For example, Markdown editors. In today’s post, we will go a little deeper into them. Read on to learn the best Markdown editors for Windows.

What are Markdown editors and how they help

Developing a new software project is different from it was a few years ago. In fact, new technologies make this kind of work much easier. In this environment, many decide for Internet-centric development. When focusing on this type of web-centric projects, we can use languages such as HTML. Either way, code editors are very useful. This is where Markdown editors stand out.

This is an editor for working with the code of the development project. However, it has features that make it more attractive to use. These features make it easier to write any text, even source code. In fact, these editors are tools for creating and editing texts. Moreover, their ease of use makes them suitable for both writers and programmers. This is possible thanks to their internal use of the Markdown language. Therefore, it is an excellent tool for the development of software for the web. In fact, what it does is to directly format the text. Therefore, we will save a good amount of time and effort. Additionally, we will greatly improve the workflow. Markdown is a simple HTML-compatible language that simplifies the formatting of code for the creation of web elements. This includes headlines, bold characters, lists, tables, images, etc.

List of the best Markdown editors for Windows.

iA Writer

iA Writer is one of the best-known cross-platform payment editors in this sector. The program offers several functions to strengthen the writing of texts. Its main function is to attenuate all the text except the paragraph or sentence we are working on. It is also prepared to highlight different parts of the sentence in different colors so that we can distinguish verbs, adverbs and more. It has a PDF file preview to see how it will appear on the web. In addition, it has many keyboard shortcuts and allows you to choose the font type. Additionally, we can export the project in HTML or Word format.


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Ghostwriter is a free and open-source text editor. Its main feature is HTML code preview panel. Because of its ease of use, it is very friendly to novice users. As we mentioned previously, it has a panel in the sidebar that shows the most common characters in this type of work. There is also an outline view that shows the average number of words per minute or the total time spent. Moreover, this software is highly customizable.


Typora is one of the most popular Markdown editors of the moment. In fact, it is considered as one of the favorites for most of the users of this type of software. This is a free project that is characterized by the large number of customization options. It also has a mode to avoid distractions and concentrate on writing. It does not have a preview panel. However, it is capable of converting the entered characters into a correctly formatted version. In this way, we can generate elements for the web such as tables, images, lists, and much more. It also has keyboard shortcuts to improve the fluidity of the work. Themes and online manuals are available to complement the tool.


Caret is an editor with good features and is still useful despite several years without updates. Despite this, its use is still widespread among many users. Caret has a preview mode in HTML to visualize on screen the final result next to our code. At the same time, it offers several outline options and a distraction-free writing mode. It also has many keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the text. We can also insert a URL. This is a paid program that we can try for free for a limited time.


Atom is a favorite among open-source enthusiasts. This editor proposes to facilitate the task of developing our programming code. On a positive note, Atom is a software compatible with a multitude of languages. So, it increases its usability. The graphical interface is very friendly since it shows the text entered, on one side, and the formatting on the other. This is a process that is carried out in real time. Among some of its functions is the ability to auto-complete programming expressions. For this reason, Atom is an ideal tool for these tasks.

Okay, ultimately, we have seen the best Markdown editors for Windows. Some of these editors are cross-platform. However, we have chosen those that run very well on Microsoft’s system. See you soon!

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