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Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish available

A new version of Ubuntu is now available, specifically, I’m talking about Ubuntu 18.10 with the codename Cosmic Cuttlefish.

5.- Cosmic Cuttlefish
5.- Cosmic Cuttlefish

Recently the BETA of this new version had been published which served as a preview for what was to come. I had recently spoken about the BETA version. Ubuntu 18.10 is a short time support version that acquires relevance because it is the first version after 18.04 that is LTS.

Do I have to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.10

This new version of Ubuntu comes with some very interesting new features that are not revolutionary but to improve the distribution. However, it is not an LTS version, so it will only receive security updates until mid-2019.

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In short, if you need a stable system and the peace of mind that comes with it, then stay with Ubuntu 18.04. However, if you’re an enthusiast and you’re aware that its support is short-term, you can try it.

It is the moment of Snap

Ubuntu is behind the development and support of Snap, a new technology for packaging applications for Linux. In this new version, they take even more validity with the improvement of the time of boot the applications Snap.

Another point is that the Snap app store has 4100 packages built by at least 1700 developers. Official desktop snaps from Spotify, Plex and Skype are very popular.

1.- Some snap apps for Ubuntu
1.- Some snap apps for Ubuntu

There is also good news for users of server applications. Because there are snap packages aimed at them like Google Cloud SDK, AWS CLI, and Azure CLI.

What is new?

A new GTK and icons Theme

Ubuntu 18.10 brings a number of new features that will make the user experience more enjoyable.

First of all, a new theme called Yaru is finally released, which is much better than the previous one. In addition, it also has a new theme of icons quite elegant.

2.- Ubuntu 18.10 new theme
2.- Ubuntu 18.10 new theme

3.- Ubuntu 18.10 new icon theme
3.- Ubuntu 18.10 new icon theme

Believe me, the new theme is a great improvement.

Linux 4.18 ideal for gaming

In this new version of Ubuntu, you should be able to run your games more efficiently. The Linux 4.18 kernel together with updates in Mesa and X.org significantly improve game performance. Graphics support expands to AMD VegaM in the latest Intel Kabylake-G CPUs.

Optimized for multi-cloud computing

In this new version, there are extensive improvements in the field of cloud computing. Ubuntu Server 18.10 images are available on all major public clouds, including minimal images popular for container workloads with a small footprint and fast boot time.

GNOME 3.30

On a graphical level, the main novelty is the incorporation of GNOME 3.30, which introduces a series of new features that improve the user experience. For example, there is an improvement in the performance of the desktop. In addition, with GNOME 3.30 it is now easier than ever to control screen sharing and remote desktop sessions.

4.- Ubuntu 18.10 Details
4.- Ubuntu 18.10 Details

Faster installation and startup

Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish uses compression algorithms such as LZ4 and ztsd, which support 10% faster startup.

And of course, Firefox, LibreOffice and Chromium have been updated to their latest stable version.

Download Ubuntu 18.10

Finally, if you are enthusiastic about this new version of Ubuntu and want to try it, you can download the corresponding ISO images and start the installation.

Being a short support version you can use VirtualBox for it and see if you like it.

Tell us about yourself, will you use Ubuntu 18.10? Do you use it? what will you do with Ubuntu? Let us know your impressions in the comments.


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