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A new version of Ubuntu available: Here what it offers!

Ubuntu is perhaps the most popular Linux distribution on the planet. In order to offer each time a better product is that has seen the light a new version of Ubuntu.

1.- Ubuntu the most popular Distribution
1.- Ubuntu the most popular Distribution

Ubuntu 18.10 under the name Cosmic Cuttlefish is the new version of this great Linux distribution, it comes loaded with new features and with the impulse of being the first version after an LTS release.

2.- A new version: Cosmic Cuttlefish
2.- A new version: Cosmic Cuttlefish

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This version of Ubuntu comes with Linux Kernel 4.17 which adds support for the Andes NDS32 RISC architecture and it also supports for the Nvidia Tegra Xavier processor. But they are not the only improvements thanks to the Kernel, there is also better battery management and HDMI audio and sound compatibility for AMD graphics cards.

This is some features:

GNOME 3.30

The default desktop environment for Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish will be GNOME 3.30, with all its new features.┬áThese include improved performance and as they say in the release notes, “Many performance improvements have been added to GNOME 3.30. The entire desktop now uses fewer resources, which means you can run more applications at once without encountering performance problems”.

3.- Nautilus 3.26 on Ubuntu 18.10 Beta
3.- Nautilus 3.26 on Ubuntu 18.10 Beta

However, it will retain an earlier version of Nautilus.

We finally have a new look

The appearance has always been a problem in Ubuntu, apart from the tastes of each person, it is true that more and more it was obligatory to change the theme and icons just finish the installation. However, for this new version, the Communitheme called Yaru theme will be activated by default. And this is something all users of the distribution will be grateful for.

4.- Gnome Tweaks Showing Yaru theme
4.- Gnome Tweaks Showing Yaru theme

10% faster start-up for this new version

Thanks to the new compression algorithms LZ4 and ztsd, the developers say that, to avoid bottle necks in the system startup process, the system will start faster, around 10%.

More from Snap for you

This new version of Ubuntu, deepens the bet that makes Canonical with snap technology. This is why the boot time of pre-installed snap applications has been optimized. In addition, there are a large number of applications available from the software center.

More features:

There are other more or less important characteristics, for example:

  • Many basic programs such as Firefox (61), Shotwell (0.30) and LibreOffice(6.1.1) are updated.
  • Support for multiple monitors has been improved.
  • The Snap packages have been improved to be better used by this new version.
  • The installation process should take less time in this beta.

5.- Firefox up to date
5.- Firefox up to date

Downloading Ubuntu 18.10 beta

I remind you that this version is still in beta phase which implies that you should expect errors, however, if you are enthusiastic and want to try it, you can download it from here.

6.- Download Page of Ubuntu 18.10
6.- Download Page of Ubuntu 18.10


This version is of short support, which makes it a test bench for Canonical and its novelties. In short, its installation in production computers is not advisable and its use is limited to Lin enthusiasts.

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