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The last update of Windows 10 could destroy your hard disk.

Hi! Microsoft keeps surprising us with their updates. But this time it does it negatively. Indeed, some users who installed the cumulative update KB4592438 have reported a serious problem. Moreover, this inconvenience is related to the hard disk. Specifically to SSD hard disks. And the worst of it is that this is a definitive problem. That is to say, without a return. So stay tuned to find out how the latest update to Windows 10 could destroy your hard disk.

A new problem for Windows 10 puts the hard disk in risk.

Previously we have talked about the CHKDSK command. In fact, this tool is very useful for fixing failures on the hard disk. However, with this update it screws up again. Indeed, the community has reported failures using this command. Especially computers with the cumulative update KB4592438. Everything happens when users run chkdsk c: /f on the command prompt. It is well known that this command serves to check the disk and repair possible errors on it. Apparently, after executing it, many users suffer a blue screen of death with the error Stop-Error NTFS File System. And what is worse, it is not possible to return to start the system.

The bad news is that, apparently, there is no known solution to this problem so far. The good news is that this is an error that will not affect us if we do not execute the command. So there is no need to pause the update. However, since this is an optional update, it is recommended that you do not install it.

Microsoft has not yet taken a position on this problem. However, a response is expected soon. Especially from the affected customers. It is very likely that they will release a patch to solve the problem. Every time a problem like this arises, a debate is reopened. That is, updates are sufficiently tested before they are released? We have lost quality control from the passage of Windows 8.1 to Windows 10? Seeing as the last update of Windows 10 can destroy the hard disk, the answer seems clear. Bye!

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