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How to configure Windows 10 to protect an SSD

Hi! SSDs are all the rage. Indeed, everyone thinks they are excellent products, and they are constantly praising them. In fact, their performance is...

The last update of Windows 10 could destroy your hard disk.

Hi! Microsoft keeps surprising us with their updates. But this time it does it negatively. Indeed, some users who installed the cumulative update KB4592438...

Best File Systems for Keeping SSD Healthy

In today’s computer world, SSDs have become the mainstream storage that holds the operating system and all the important files instead of the traditional,...

Bypass Hardware Disk Encryption on SSD Drives

Hardware protection is one of the most important parts of today’s computing. It ensures the utmost security on the system, leaving the least possible...

Windows Tweaks for Increasing SSD Lifetime

SSD is one of the best additions in the storage sector. It allows you to enjoy faster data transfer and a safer data storage...

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