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The best tips to protect our data in the cloud.

Hello! Nowadays, it is very common to store information in the cloud. Indeed, we have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities in this regard. There are many types of platforms that allow us to create backups and store them on the network. Consequently, we can upload files of all kinds to have them always present and, ultimately, host content of our day to day. However, it is essential to take security into account. We must preserve the data and do not have problems that may compromise our privacy. Therefore, in this post, we will illustrate the best tips to protect our data in the cloud.

The great utility of cloud storage

The first thing we want to point out is the great importance of cloud storage. Indeed, this type of service allows us to create backup copies of our devices and have them always available on the Internet. For example, we can save all the images and videos from our mobile to free up space.

It is also very useful to have content always available. We know that it is very common to need to access our files for work purposes, from anywhere. With this utility we can save there all kinds of data to be able to access from any device and anywhere. That brings a great added value.

On the other hand, it can help to free up space. Certainly, over time, we can store a large number of files. We can store them on our computer, mobile device or an external hard drive, among other places. However, sometimes we are going to require more space. This means that a cloud service can be very useful to free up space and take advantage of other available resources.

How to use the cloud securely.

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We have already established the usefulness of using this type of services. Next we will see the importance of using it safely. Indeed, we do not want our data to be intercepted and end up in the wrong hands. Nor do we want them to be lost on the network, and we are left without the content we were saving. It is therefore interesting to consider numerous basic tips for using cloud storage safely.

Use strong passwords

The first consideration is to always use strong and complex passwords. This is the first barrier to protect our accounts and records from intruders. Additionally, it is vital to use passwords that contain letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. It is best to enter the characters randomly and with an appropriate length. We must avoid entering words or digits that relate to us.

A good recommendation is to create passwords that meet the requirements we mentioned is to utilize password managers. In addition to allowing us to manage these passwords, they also offer us the opportunity to create them, in numerous instances. In this way we can significantly improve security in this type of services.

Two-step authentication

A complement to password security is to use two-step authentication. This is increasingly present in the different platforms on the network. As you know, this means that to enter our account a possible intruder will not only need the password, but also a second step that can be, for example, a code received by SMS.

It is certainly an element to consider. This tool increases the security of our accounts. It is vital to use it whenever possible. This way we will add an extra layer of protection to our data. In this way we will keep away possible intruders who intend to access the content stored in the cloud. Undoubtedly, with this tool we will be able to protect the data in the cloud.

Encrypting the uploaded files.

We can upload all kinds of files and data to the cloud. In addition, some of them may be confidential. In these cases, it will be necessary to take extra precautions. We can use other tools that allow us to encrypt these files. This way, we can upload them to the cloud and make sure that no one can intercept the content and read it.

We have at our disposal many tools that allow us to encrypt files. This is something we can apply to any type of device and operating system. It is always advisable to take extra precautions when we are going to store content in the cloud that may be sensitive and contain personal data, for example.

Keeping tools up to date

Generally, cloud storage platforms have applications for both computers and mobile devices. However, there can always be vulnerabilities that put stored content at risk.

Therefore, it is important to always keep these tools up to date. It is usually the developers themselves who release patches and security updates. This way we can resolve those problems that can compromise our personal information. It is very significant to always apply this, regardless of the type of device or system we are using. It is also a good way to protect our data in the cloud.

Use only official and reliable services

We strongly recommend using only official services. Occasionally, we may encounter the possibility of installing an application that is not official but has different add-ons added to it. This could put our security at risk.

We also advise you to use only reliable services. There are many options on the web, and it is worth taking the time to analyze the encryption they use, among other things. It is also important that we do not use any program that we find without first analyzing how it works. Otherwise, we could compromise the files and personal information that we intend to save on the network. In that sense, we have prepared this post with a list of the best cloud storage services.

Configure safety parameters

Many of these cloud storage platforms have different parameters within their configuration to improve security. It is interesting that we always take this into account, as this way we can increase security and reduce risks when using tools of this type.

Very well, in this way we have seen the best tips to protect our data in the cloud. As we always say, the best protection against threats is common sense. Therefore, we advise you to be cautious when managing your data in the cloud. See you soon!

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