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The best cloud storage services

Hello! Cloud storage is something increasingly used by users on the Internet. Indeed, nowadays, we have a large amount of information always available on the network. In addition, this brings us important benefits, such as the fact of being able to access from anywhere, create backups or simply free up space. Certainly, there are many options available to us. Today, we will tell you about The best cloud storage services.

Cloud storage services

Many platforms are available. Many services offer the possibility to store data in the cloud. As a result, we can have them available from any place and any device. In addition, the cloud has been bringing benefits to both home users and businesses. These programs allow you to create backups, free up space, or simply have everything available in one place and work everywhere.

Google Drive

Google Drive is probably the most popular cloud storage platform today. Backed by Google, it has a large user base. In addition, it offers very interesting features, as well as compatibility with multiple platforms and operating systems. Likewise, it has no limits on the number of synchronized devices. In fact, we will have a limit of storage space in the cloud that we have.

Its great asset is that it offers up to 15 GB of free storage. This allows you to host files, backups and keep your important documents always available. In case you are interested in the paid plans, the prices are as follows:

  • Basic: 100 GB. $19,99 annually.
  • Standard: 200 GB. $29,99 annually.
  • Premium: 2 TB. $99,99 annually.
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Google One is the paid version of Google Drive. One of its best features is that it allows us to share our storage space with up to 5 other members of our family. That is, if we decide to buy the 200 GB storage subscription, we will be able to add family members to use this storage capacity. Consequently, exceeding the 15 GB that we have for free.


Dropbox is a classic tool of its kind. We are talking about a very popular cloud storage service, which is present on many platforms and has numerous users worldwide. Although it does not offer a large amount of storage (2 GB), it has different payment plans that are very fascinating for users. In addition, there are usually methods to gain more storage without having to pay.

To overcome this limit, it is necessary to resort to payment plans. Starting with the 2 TB plan from $10 per month billed annually. Some significant features of Dropbox in its paid version are the following:

  • It allows you to synchronize files and folders on as many devices as you want, we have no limitation as with the free version.
  • We can create shared folders and links, also allows you to send files up to 2 GB in size with Dropbox Transfer.
  • It allows you to recover accounts from 30 days ago, and also allows a file history of the last 30 days.
  • We have offline folders for mobiles, ideal for synchronizing them over Wi-Fi and having them offline.
  • It allows remote deletion of accounts, and text search in the different documents we have.

As you can see, Dropbox is an excellent service. They also have rates for professionals of 3 and 5 TB, with other features such as 180-day history. We can share it with others and save.


The alternative offered by Microsoft is OneDrive. Like Dropbox, it does not particularly stand out for its free storage. In fact, it only offers 5 GB. However, it is a widely used option by users and also has many plans with which we can expand the capacity. Especially for those who use Outlook as their email provider, OneDrive is an option to consider.

Regarding paid plans, there are several plans that combine Office 365, which is excellent news if you use Microsoft’s Office suite.

  • $19.99 OneDrive Standalone 100 GB $19.99/ year(annual subscription–auto-renews).
  • Microsoft 365 Personal $69.99 Microsoft 365 Personal $69.99/ year(annual subscription–auto-renews). Includes OneDrive, Skype, Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Microsoft 365 Family $99.99 Microsoft 365 Family $99.99/ year(annual subscription–auto-renews). Includes OneDrive, Skype, Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.


Less well known is the cloud storage platform Box. It is aimed at both private users and businesses. It offers 10 GB free with a maximum size per file of 250 MB, as well as a series of plans with which to expand the capacity. One of the highlights is the emphasis on security. Logically, this is a factor to be considered by users on the network.

Box has different plans with fascinating prices, oriented both to home users and companies. The price of the Personal Pro subscription is 11.50 per month, and includes 100 GB of storage with a maximum file size of 5 GB. With this plan, it is not worth using Box, it is much better to go to any of the previous ones.

The story changes regarding business plans. Starting at a price of $15, we will have access to unlimited cloud storage. However, we have upload limit per individual file to 5 GB. Therefore, these types of plans are particularly relevant and may be attractive to some users. This makes it one of the best cloud storage services.


NextCloud is also quite popular. It is a cloud storage service that has many users and offers different options to synchronize our files on the Internet. It is also specially designed for companies and groups of users. Furthermore, it has a number of very interesting storage plans.

NextCloud is file and folder synchronization software only. Therefore, if you install it on a remote VPS server, you will have the maximum capacity of the contracted VPS server. The same applies if you install it on a NAS server. In other words, Nextcloud is a private cloud, where you have to set up everything yourself, but it is highly recommended if you want freedom in choosing a server and service provider.

Ultimately, we have seen the best cloud storage services. Although there are several options to explore, we believe this is the best we can show you. Bye!

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