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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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How to create and Mange File System Access Control List (ACL) with Ubuntu 20.04.

Objective: ACL, or Access Control Lists are special permissions. Linux file system by using standard file permission is User, Group, and Other Level. Further, having...

How to setup WireGuard VPN with ubuntu 20.04

Here, we will learn today how to configure WireGuard VPN with Ubuntu 20.04. Wireguard® is an amazingly straightforward yet quick and present-day VPN that...

How to Configure a Firewall in Ubuntu 20.04 / Debian 10?

There is nothing safe from hackers on the Internet, however, we can implement security measures to be more protected against an attack. With this...

A new type of ransomware seriously threatens Windows 10

Alert! Hackers are constantly trying to breach security in Windows 10. Indeed, researchers have detected a new type of ransomware that masks itself within...

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