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2FA apps to protect account security.

We must always protect the security of our Internet accounts. Indeed, there are many factors that can cause risks and compromise personal data and passwords, such as phishing attacks, keyloggers that can steal passwords, data leaks, etc. For example, phishing attacks, keyloggers that can steal passwords, data leaks, etc. Consequently, it is best to prevent unwanted access by intruders to our accounts. Therefore, there are several methods for this. One of these methods is two-step authentication. So today we will look at some 2FA apps to protect account security.

Why it is important to use 2FA apps

The password is the main security barrier we have in our accounts. In fact, it’s what keeps anyone from getting in. However, it can happen that this password is leaked. It can happen due to a security attack, a failure in the service we are using, or simply being guessed. To avoid this, we can use two-step authentication or 2FA. Its function is to add an extra layer of security to accounts. Consequently, if an intruder tries to guess the password, then this second step will prevent him from gaining access. In addition, we can use it to protect accounts such as email, social networks or online shopping platform.

As you can see, this method serves to increase security. It also becomes more relevant in an age where we have more accounts online. We also send and receive sensitive information. We also use the Internet to manage bank accounts and payments. Therefore, it is advisable to have an additional barrier to act as a defense. There are several methods to activate 2FA. As for mobile users, they may require receiving an SMS. Basically, we have to verify the account with that message we receive. However, this is not the safest way, as there are Trojans that can read these SMS and bypass 2FA. For example, the Cerberus malware.

Another option is to use an external application that provides a code for authentication. The function is the same: to verify through a second step that we are the legitimate user trying to access an account.

2FA apps

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Let’s show some 2FA applications. Many services and social networks are turning to these tools to set up multifactor authentication. The general operation is the same. Certainly, they all serve to request that second step that will help improve security.


One of the most popular and widely used 2FA applications is Authy. It provides a good user interface, synchronization between devices and is one of the most valued by users. Moreover, it is a cross-platform app. Therefore, it is available for iOS and Android, as well as desktop operating systems such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. To use it, just go to its website. There you will find the download section and also information about the services with which it is compatible.

It has a great point in its favor. Indeed, it allows you to make a backup and store it in your cloud. It allows you to create a password that only the user knows to access this copy. Please note that in case you forget it, you will not be able to recover it.

Google Authenticator

Another popular 2FA app is Google Authenticator. Logically, it is perfectly compatible with Google services. However, it also works with almost any platform that uses multifactor authentication. We can use Google Authenticator on Android and also iOS. Its mission is to authenticate the user when logging into Amazon, Hotmail, Gmail. In short, in any compatible service.

It displays a 6-digit code that changes every half a minute. We have to enter this code when we are going to log in. Then, together with the password, it allows us to identify ourselves and prevent any intruder from entering the account. It is very useful to be able to identify ourselves in a new device and verify that we really are the legitimate user. After logging in on that device, it will no longer ask for this double authentication since it already recognizes it.

Microsoft Authenticator

Another alternative is Microsoft Authenticator. It is also available for both Android and iOS. You can download it from the official website. It is also widely used and has great compatibility with most online services that use 2FA. Of course, it is also compatible with Microsoft’s own services. It also displays a code that we must use to log in. Then, the program authenticates us and verifies that we are the legitimate user.

Zoho OneAuth

Zoho has a wide range of online and cloud services. One of them is OneAuth. This app allows us to authenticate ourselves when logging into different compatible platforms and verify that we are the legitimate user. From its website, we can see that there are versions for Android and iOS. We can also use it on several devices at the same time. You just have to determine which one will be the main one. As in the previous cases, it will add another step to prevent unauthorized access by intruders.

Ultimately, we have seen some 2FA apps to protect the security of accounts. These tools allow you to use two-step authentication. Therefore, we can use them in social networks, email, and online stores. Bye!

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