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windows taskbar

Learn how to quickly restart Windows 10 Explorer

Hello! Consider this scenario. You are working on your computer. Then, something goes wrong and the system stops responding. Consequently, the simplest and most...

How to change the design of the Windows 10 Taskbar icons

I have previously told you that I love to customize my system. Likewise, many users like to change the look of Windows 10. Also,...

How to hide the taskbar in Windows 10

One of the most characteristic elements of the operating system is the taskbar. Indeed, it is a quick way to access frequently used applications....

Windows 10 will assign the taskbar its own DLL file.

Hello! Explorer.exe is the explorer process of Windows 10. It is also the process in charge of managing the explorer and desktop. Indeed, it...

Learn how to change the look of the Windows 10 taskbar.

Hello! The taskbar is a fundamental element in Windows 10. In fact, it contains icons and accesses that are very useful for the performance...

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