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Learn how to quickly restart Windows 10 Explorer

Hello! Consider this scenario. You are working on your computer. Then, something goes wrong and the system stops responding. Consequently, the simplest and most apparent solution is to reboot the system. However, sometimes this involves losing work or files. Whether it is a document, a file, or a download. Therefore, it is good to know alternative solutions. That is to say, measures before rebooting. This happens mostly when windows stop responding. Likewise when the mouse does not move. Or simply, the desktop freezes. Therefore, the solution is to restart the explorer. In fact, today you will learn how to quickly restart Windows 10 explorer.

How to restart the Windows 10 explorer.

It is well known that Windows has a large number of keyboard shortcuts. In fact, most of them are very convenient to use. Consequently, the most expedient way is by means of a keyboard shortcut. In this opportunity, we will use a classic one. Therefore, nothing better than using CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. Consequently, the task manager will be launched. Moreover, without any shell action. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the interface or the explorer is dead. Just use this combination to start the task manager. So you can restart the interface. Even if the taskbar has disappeared.

On the other hand, we can also use CTRL+ALT+DEL. Then select the task manager. However, the previous shortcut is more direct. But when we get there, we have two options:

  • First, click on the Processes tab. Next, scroll down to Windows Processes. Now click on Windows Explorer. Finally, click on Restart
Restarting the file explorer in Windows 10.
  • But, we know that sometimes Windows can be difficult. Therefore, the mouse pointer may not work at all. So we will solve it just using keyboard shortcuts. Please follow the path below:
CTRL+SHIFT+ESC>ALT+A>N or Enter>explorer.exe+Enter
  • It may happen that the browser still does not work. Or the taskbar does not appear. Even the process does not appear in the task manager. In such a case, run the task manually. Accordingly, press the Win+R combination. This action will open the Run box. Once there, type explorer.exe and press Enter.
Starting Windows Explorer manually
Starting Windows Explorer manually
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Very well, in the last instance, we have learned how to quickly restart Windows 10 Explorer. A recommended action is to unclog the computer. In addition to allowing to continue working safely. See you later.

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