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How to change the design of the Windows 10 Taskbar icons

I have previously told you that I love to customize my system. Likewise, many users like to change the look of Windows 10. Also, the system provides several options to modify it. And without resorting to third-party applications. Indeed, we can change icons, wallpapers, and also taskbar icons. So, we can use various designs on this element. Which vary depending on the chosen configuration. So today we will see how to change the design of the Windows 10 taskbar icons.

Changing the design of Windows 10 taskbar icons.

We can choose different ways of designing the taskbar icons. In addition, this will respond to the applications that we have open. So we can use a minimalist design or another more rough or vintage. Well, the quickest way to get to these options is to right-click on the taskbar. Once there, please click on Taskbar Settings.

Entering the taskbar settings.
Entering the taskbar settings.

The options for the taskbar are immediately displayed. For example, we can minimize the size of the icons. In fact, just activate the Use small taskbar buttons switch.

Minimizing the size of the icons in the taskbar
Minimizing the size of the icons in the taskbar

There is another option to optimize space. We are talking about the option Show badges on taskbar buttons. In fact, this option allows you to deactivate the indicators of the number of notifications next to the icon. As a result, the number of pending notifications from the app is not displayed. You only have to deactivate the corresponding switch.

Combining taskbar buttons

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Now let’s look at an option that allows you to make more profound changes. We are talking about combine the taskbar buttons. Clicking on it displays 3 different options. Consequently, we can select any of them. Please note that you can return at any time.

Combine taskbar buttons
Combine taskbar buttons
  • Always, hide labels: This option provides a minimalist design. Moreover, it combines very well with small icons. With this pattern, the application icons will not show the names. Also, when you have several apps open, they will be grouped together. Ideal option for small screens.
  • When the taskbar is full: The icons of open applications show the name in a rougher box. Also, they will only be grouped together if they fill all the space on the Taskbar.
  • Never: This option causes all icons to show the name and never be grouped together. This version is similar to the design of previous editions of Windows. For example, Windows 7.

Finally, we can also edit and customize the icons of the taskbar. With this in mind, just follow the steps in this tutorial. Next, just drag the icon to the taskbar. Well, ultimately we have seen how to change the design of the Windows 10 taskbar icons. An excellent option to make better use of space. Or simply give a different touch to Windows. See you later!

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