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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Windows server 2016

How to create Active Directory Groups in Windows Server 2019/2016.

Today we will talk a bit about the organizational structure in Windows Server. Specifically, about the Active Directory Groups in the Domain. Previously we...

How to check domain controller status in Windows Server 2019/2016.

Hello! The administration of Windows Server is very important. Indeed, the administrator manages many processes and roles that affect the optimal functioning of the...

How to run applications on Windows Server startup with GPO

Hello! Windows Server offers multiple configuration options. Indeed, these features allow improving the productivity of the company. Specifically, today we will see how to...

How to demote Windows Server 2019/2016 Domain Controller

Hi, how are you? Certainly domain controllers are a fundamental part of an organization. And more so when it uses a Windows Server-based infrastructure....

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