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How to use Active Directory Administrative Center in Windows Server 2019/2016.

Hello! When managing Windows Server 2019/2016 it is important to know that we have several tools to control the objects in the directory. Indeed, users, groups, printers, among others are elements to manage. Well, the active directory management center is a great practical tool. Since it has been developed taking the technology of Windows PowerShell. In addition, it offers a great data management experience and a complete graphical user interface. As a result, it is possible to perform various tasks related to the administration of the system. Join me to see How to use Active Directory Administrative Center in Windows Server 2019/2016.

How to open the active directory administrative center.

Once the server is started, please press the Win+R combination. Then run the following command:

Run the command to launch the administration center
Run the command to launch the administration center

After pressing enter or accept, the loading of the Administrative Center will begin:

Active directory loading
Active directory loading
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After a few seconds, the administration center interface is displayed. As you can see, it looks very similar to the Server Administrator.

How to Use Active Directory Administration Center

Once the console is displayed, please click on the domain:

The domain structure will then be displayed in the right-hand column. Items such as computers, deleted objects and groups are displayed. In addition, it is possible to perform searches using more complex criteria. On the other hand, by clicking on any element of the domain, you can extend the search range. With this intention, just click on the top menu to add extra search criteria.

Add other search criteria.
Add other search criteria.

As you can see, this element facilitates the administration tasks. In addition, it allows you to create customized queries based on your search criteria.

On the other hand, there is Dynamic Access Control. In this section, you will find the rules and policies for access to the server.

Dynamic Acces Control
Dynamic Access Control

Next is the Authentication section. There you will see the various options for authentication based on policy and others. And finally, there is the global search section:

Global search section.
Global search section.

As the name suggests, as soon as you enter a value, the results are displayed.

The Administrative Center allows the development of diverse tasks. For example, adding a new user. With this in mind, select the folder and right click on the mouse. Then select to add a new user:

Adding a new user
Adding a new user

Finally, it is possible to review the history of the cmdlets used in the system. That is the date and time of their execution in the system. To do this, just click on Windows PowerShell History.

reviewing PowerShell usage history
Reviewing PowerShell usage history


At the end of the day, we saw how to use the Active Directory Administrative Center in Windows Server 2019/2016. Obviously, this tool allows you to centralize the administration of various elements of the server. We hope you find this information useful before I say goodbye I invite you to see our post about Thumb Launcher. Bye!

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