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MystiQ video converter on Linux

Audiovisual content is now widely consumed by almost all users. In this sense, Linux was always seen as the system that had the least...

Graviton is a nice Text editor for Linux

There are more and more applications available for Linux. It is a fact that the old fame that there are few applications in Linux...

Zulip an open source alternative to Slack

In this blog, we have emphasized the importance of team communications. Because we are in a globalized world where more and more projects are...

AppImageHub the Appimage store

In these times, the operating systems, are responsible for facilitating the process of installation of applications. To achieve this goal, the operating systems centralize...

Franz: WhatsApp, Gmail, Telegram and more in a single application

I honestly prefer to use Telegram than WhatsApp because it offers me many options. It also uses open protocols and there are many interesting...

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