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MystiQ video converter on Linux

Audiovisual content is now widely consumed by almost all users. In this sense, Linux was always seen as the system that had the least applications for this. However, everyday solid, reliable and elegant alternatives emerge to perform various jobs such as file conversion. That’s why in this post I will talk about MystiQ Video Converter on Linux.

MystiQ harnesses the full power of FFmpeg

MystiQ is a front-end for FFmpeg, that is, it is a powerful multimedia (audio and video) file converter. It supports many formats including the most popular ones like Avi, MKV, MP4, Mp3, and others.

Many features make it a very interesting application, but one of them is that it is made entirely with QT5. This guarantees elegance and integration, especially with the Plasma desktop environment.

So, MystiQ features an intuitive graphical interface and a rich set of presets to help you convert media files within a few clicks

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On the other hand, MystiQ is available for many Linux distributions like Arch Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE with precompiled packages. However, it also has a version for Windows and soon for macOS.

Main features of this Video Converter for Linux

Some of the main characteristics of this application are the following:

  • MystiQ has a clean and elegant graphic interface. This thanks to a careful design where the work and the non-distraction of the user are prioritized.
  • It is Open-source. The application is released under the GPL license which makes it quite flexible and with source code available.
  • Cross-platform. With versions for Windows and Linux, it can be installed in most of the current computers.
  • It supports a lot of multimedia formats. This will not be a limitation for the user.
  • MystiQ is translated into many languages so that it is even easier to use and can reach many different people.

So let’s install it.

Install MytiQ Video converter on Linux

From the application website, we have a section dedicated to facilitating the installation. We can access it from this link.

There you will find the packages and instructions for each of the supported distributions. However, we will also find a distributed version in AppImage.

Once you install it, when you run it you will see the following:

1.- MystiQ video converter on Linux
1.- MystiQ video converter on Linux

As you can see the application is quite simple to use, but it also incorporates a user manual.

2.- MystiQ user's manual
2.- MystiQ user’s manual

So, enjoy it.


Having a media file converter is often necessary for us. Well, today, you met MystiQ and I’m excited about the project. It looks elegant, simple to use and made with state of the art technology.

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Tell us your experience with this program, did you know it? do you use it?

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