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Zulip an open source alternative to Slack

In this blog, we have emphasized the importance of team communications. Because we are in a globalized world where more and more projects are getting bigger and bigger. Also because thanks to the internet the participants are not physically in the same place. And this requires fluidity in private conversations. We commented all this when we taught you about Slack, now we have one more alternation. Therefore, today we will show you Zulip an excellent alternative to Slack for your team communications.

Zulip is an open source tool similar to Slack that allows group chats in a team. The main difference with Slack is that it is open source. Zulip is one of the fastest growing Open Source applications with many contributors to the projects. It is released under the Apache 2.0 license which guarantees that we can examine its source code. On the other hand, Zulip adds threaded and topical conversations within the conversation channels. This makes it even more efficient.

The main advantage of Zulip against Slack and other similar applications is that it takes advantage of the benefits of asynchronous communication. The program allows you to combine real-time chat with asynchronous communication. This is important because if at that moment, a member of the team is not online, he can read and track the messages easily. All this thanks to the fact that in Zulip each channel has a topic so each message has a specific objective. Topics hold Zulip conversations together, just like subject lines hold email conversations together

On the other hand, the application boasts a lot of integration since it can be integrated with more than 100 applications. Including the very popular Dropbox, Gmail, Google Calendar and many others.

Install Zulip an alternative to Slack

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The Zulip client application is quite simple to download, it is offered for various systems such as Windows, MacOS and for Android and iOS mobile platforms. So to do it, it is necessary to write these commands in a terminal:

:~$ wget https://github.com/zulip/zulip-electron/releases/download/v2.3.82/Zulip-2.3.82-x86_64.AppImage

1.- Download and install Zolip an alternative to Slack
1.- Download and install Zolip an alternative to Slack

Next, set execute permissions to the file.

:~$ chmod +x Zulip-2.3.82-x86_64.AppImage

As we can see, we downloaded a .AppImage file. Just open the file browser and double click to open it.

2.- Running Zulip
2.- Running Zulip

So we can create a new organization and configure Zulip to our liking.


There are many applications today. The great advantage of this is that by categories we find several that favor competition and benefits users. Today Zulip e wants to show as a serious alternative to Slack adding improvements and new concepts.

I recommend you to visit the website of the project and get more details of the application.

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